Information Regarding the Pandemic

Our journey back into the Church, new normals, and resources.

Dear Saint George Parishioners,

As we begin the journey back into our church and “new normal” routines, we are working hard to make sure our environments are as safe as possible for our parishioners.

An important part of this planning is to understand each parishioner's situation and address any concerns you may have about returning to the church. To support this effort, we have created a "Return to Church Plan" that outlines the new required safety protocols and cleaning procedures for our church to help ensure that we maintain the highest level of safety for all.

We understand that you may have concerns specific to your own return that you would like to discuss. Please reach out to our Priest individually with any of your concerns.

Please note that prior to returning, all parishioners will be required to attend a Health Orientation understanding via one call now. The orientation is intended to provide a detailed explanation of the new protocols. Additionally, sanitation and deep cleaning of the church will take place prior to parishioners return.

We thank you for your patience during this time and look forward to seeing you back in your house of worship!

God bless you all.

We will be following the local guidelines of the state, county and CDC as we return to in person services.

  • Services will be held at the church capacity. Please stay home if you are sick! All services will continue to be live streamed on Facebook for those who cannot attend in-person.

  • For those attending services, please record your attendance by filling out the Check-In Form each service; should contact tracing be necessary the parish will have a clear record of who was present.

  • Face covering is essential and will be required. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

  • Please maintain a social distance (6 feet) and follow all posted signage and guidelines.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided at the entrance of the church.

  • The facilities will be cleaned and regularly disinfected.

  • We have removed frequently touched items such as books, PDF copies are available.

  • Donation offering trays will not be passed, instead you are encouraged to use electronic donation methods, or use the stationary collection box. You may also mail in donations by check.

Visit this Page for a list of Sonoma County COVID-19 Resources and CDC Guidelines.

See the complete guidelines below:


A message from Metropolitan Gerasimos